Why Choose Us for Your School?

An author visit presents a fantastic opportunity to acquaint young readers with the individuals and processes that bring books to life. With our combined roles as an author, illustrator, editor, and marketer, we possess the expertise to not only inspire but also educate and captivate budding writers and artists across various creative domains.

We really love teaching and entertaining students and helping them learn and develop.

We are very proud of our books!


    Our books center around themes of kindness, friendship, and self-celebration, brought to life through vibrant illustrations and engaging storytelling.


    For a limited time, our school visits come at a reduced cost to you. Additionally, our newest book (Franklin The Firefly), which typically retails for $19.98, is available during these visits for a special cost. While this may reduce our earnings, it's a way to ensure that our books are more accessible and affordable for both students and teachers. Pre-order forms will be made available ahead of the visit for your convenience.


    Our presentation will encompass a book reading complemented by a slideshow, during which we will delve into our collective experiences as authors, illustrators, editors, and marketers.